CEA Flight Solutions, Centro de Instrucción y Entrenamiento Aeronáutico, was founded in 2019 by pilots and specialists within aviation spanning more than 20 years of experience and is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Its founders identified the need to improve the quality of instruction and training of pilots to that of a higher level, by adopting international standards suggested by Civil Aviation Authorities. For this purpose, an unprecedented investment was interjected by a private investor.

The CEA Aviation Center is the first in Argentina to provide fixed-base Flight Simulation Training Devices (FSTDs) to pilots advancing within the expanding airline market in Argentina and surrounding countries.

“As we have extensive experience in aviation training, the CEA is a new venture for us due to the need of demand exceeding supply. Our B738 ’ProSim Inside’ FSTD, fills the gap and provides better trained pilots at a lower cost.”, Federico Maradei, Managing Director CEA, explains.

“At CEA, we are committed to pilot formation, taking an active part in the whole process. We offer our clients the latest technology available in the industry, the highest quality and professional instruction. So far this year, we have invested a significant amount in upgrading our ProSim Software to take advantage of the new developments, and we entered into a long-term updates agreement as we are confident in the potential of our FSTD.

Currently, we are working in conjunction with ProSim Training Solutions in the re-qualification of our B738 FSTD. We are also in the process of becoming an EASA ATPL examination centre and certifying the EASA MCC course in Argentina. As well, all of our courses are built according to both local and international regulatory standards.”

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