The ProSim FMS Trainer is a tool that focuses primarily on the use of the Flight Management Systems in the operation of commercial jetliners.

The ProSim FMS Trainers, or Flight Management System Trainers, are specialised software tools designed to provide pilots and aviation professionals with a simulated environment to learn, practice, and become proficient in using the FMS of an aircraft.

The FMS is a sophisticated computer system for pilots to manage the navigation, performance, and flight planning aspects of modern aircraft. FMS Trainers allow users to familiarise themselves with the FMS interface, functions, and procedures without the need for actual simulator time, and to build confidence in using this critical component of modern aircraft.

The tool uses a special flight model that mimics a twin jet airliner, though does not require manual control, allowing the user complete focus on FMS interaction.

To achieve this, most flight protection mechanisms have been removed and the flight model does not allow stalling.

The navigation environment consists of a worldwide database of airports including SIDs/STARs, as well as a complete list of navigation aids, including VORs, NDBs and ILSes.

Navigation data may be updated at any time, either using standard AIRAC cycles or with company specific data to train tailored procedures.


ProSim FMS Trainers for various aircraft types:

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