Welcome to ProSim Training Solutions, your final destination for cutting-edge training software for aviation professionals.
With a passion for aviation and a commitment to excellence, since 2011 we have been developing revolutionary training solutions that enable aspiring aviation professionals to reach new heights of skill and proficiency.

At ProSim Training Solutions, we understand that becoming a skilled pilot requires a combination of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience. Our pilot training software is meticulously designed to offer a comprehensive learning experience that bridges the gap between theory and practice. Whether you're just embarking on your aviation journey or looking to enhance your existing skills, our software provides a dynamic and immersive environment for all stages of pilot training.

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Within ProSim Training Solutions there is a shared passion for aviation.
We are a global community of talented individuals who are dedicated to making a meaningful impact on the aviation industry; pilots and other aviation professionals.


We strive to be at the forefront of change within the aviation industry and we believe that we can make an impact by offering the most advanced training solutions.


Since our formation in 2011, ProSim Training Solutions has embarked on a remarkable journey filled with milestones and achievements.
From releasing our very first product, the ProSim737 Professional Simulator Suite, we have grown and evolved, continuously striving to improve the quality of our products.

From the outset, we have rapidly gained recognition as an emerging player in the civil aviation training market, with a remarkable track record of high growth. We have proudly achieved this milestone by providing software for over 300 professionally used fixed-base simulator installations around the globe.

Along our journey, we setup a joint venture with TXT Group at the end of 2022, with further commitment to provide customers with high quality advanced training solutions. 

TXT Group is an international, Global Digital Enabler, a specialised provider of engineering software solutions supporting its customers in high-tech markets in their mission and business.Since 1989, TXT Group has been listed on the Italian Stock Exchange and as of July 2000, TXT Group now boosts about 2000 highly-skilled team members.

Leading up to 2022, we had already set our sights on the development of ProSim software for a wider-ranging and global audience. Today, this joint venture combines unique engineering capabilities with cutting-edge professional aviation training software. In the words of Hanne Koole (CEO ProSim Training Solutions), ‘’Onwards and upwards.’’  

Our portfolio has extended beyond fixed-base training device software to a range of specialised software solutions, including the revolutionary ViXR (Virtual Instructor Extend Reality ), FMS Trainer software and dedicated functionality for Maintenance Training: evident that our commitment to aviation training has always remained steadfast.

Our first successful new joint product development with TXT is the virtual instructor for fixed-base training devices - ViXR. We believe that augmented reality is the future of how to teach student aviation professionals about cockpit procedures in a realistic tactile environment without the drawbacks of virtual reality. 

Advancing into the future with TXT Group, we have obtained data packages from the aircraft OEMs allowing us to develop type specific versions of our software. We now enable our customers to perform type rating training with our software which is available for the Boeing 737 NG, 737 MAX and Airbus A320 ceo/neo. 

So, we can say ProSim Training Solutions has soared to new heights. In the early days, our dedicated team drove research and development, pivoting to create versatile solutions. Along with a commitment to excellence in the development of professional aviation training products, we have now expanded globally. In addition to our head office in the Netherlands, ProSim Training Solutions can now be found in China, Costa Rica and Portugal. 

At ProSim, our commitment is to consistently support the aviation training industry by developing innovative training solutions for various aircraft types, continuously incorporating the latest available technology.