Jul 01

Product update report, July 2020

Periodic product update report

Shortly after the release of Prepar3D v5 by Lockheed Martin on 14 April, we released compatible versions of both ProSimA320 and ProSim737. Now we’ve just released compatibility with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 as the first one in the industry.


For ProSimA320, a completely new visual model has also been released that makes use of the latest Prepar3D PBR visual effects (both for Prepar3D v4.5 as well as v5). Several more features of our ProSimA320 product were  added or improved – to name a few:

  • RTA (required times of arrival) functionality added.
  • Large number of malfunctions have been improved.
  • Extended the MCDU MAINT menu malfunction and door controls.



As you might have seen, we have recently released version 3 for ProSim737. This version contains the new FMS implementation (including  completely new LVAV/VNAV). We also merged ProSimMCP into ProSimSystemsand ProSimPanel into ProSimDisplay making the overall setup much easier:

We are very excited to finally share all the  hard FMS work from the past year! Besides that, a new CPFlightV2 as well as Phidgets driver supporting VINT cards have been added to ProSim737.


New ProSim IOS

We have announced it quite some time ago and now it became reality. We have released our new integrated IOS. The provides following features:

  • easy aircraft positioning on approaches and other custom locations
  • real-time moving map with detailed overlays and VATSIM, IVAO and PilotEdge support
  • integrated flight planning
  • weather condition control including real-time-weather
  • customisable aircraft pushback control
  • a fuel and load manager
  • control over aircraft views (and slew mode for commercial licenses)
  • a failure system including random failure
  • aircraft and approach statistics and graphs including Google Earth export
  • detailed remote control options for all your network computers


ProSimA322 FMS Trainer

A standalone, Microsoft Windows based, free play tool that can be used to simulate a flight from startup and takeoff to landing. The tool uses a special flight model that mimics the A322, but does not require manual control, allowing the user complete focus on FCU and FMS interaction.

To achieve this, most flight protection mechanisms have been removed and the flight model does not allow stalling. The navigation environment consists of a worldwide database of airports including SIDs/. STARs, as well as a complete list of navigation aids, including VORs, NDBs and ILSes.

The ProSimA322 FMS Trainer offering fits right in the sweet spot of “Distance learning”. We will shortly release an FMS Trainer for the ProSim738 and ProSimB38 aircraft types.

ProSim737 MAX

ProSim just released the completely new professional simulator suite ProSim737 MAX. Our release was approximately simultaneous to the great news the MAX would Return to Service. This actually happened last week, when #G34104 flew from Sao Paulo to Porto Alegre being the first commercial flight in 638 days.

ProSim737 MAX is compatible with most of the hardware providers like Flightdeck Solutions, Simworld, Sismo, and Simon Solution.